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Welcome to Funtastik Massachusetts! Your source for the best of the best¬†wherever you may travel in the great country of the United States. We constantly update our website with the latest and greatest that companies in America have to offer. We focus on everything that is great about our nation, where it’s small businesses, how-tos, and a little bit of humor. Our representatives are always on the look out for great businesses to highlight, so if you’re interested in a feature, please use the contact form on our website to speak to a member in a city near you.

At Funtastik Massachusetts we tell it like it is, without fear or favor. There is an entire world of amazing sights, hotels, small businesses and manufacturers out there – and we wish to tell you the ones that we think are the best. We never compromise our opinions for commercial gain and we would never recommend a service, that we wouldn’t use ourselves. If you read a post written by one of our team members, you can pretty much guarantee that they have been there, had a look for themselves, and have no problem telling you the honest truth.

From time to time, we will change it up and write on something that has nothing to do with service-based businesses. No need to worry, as our team enjoys writing about other topics that may be beneficial to our readers. Whether it’s how to market your business, a new recipe we think you should try, or even an inspiring quote, it’s just to change up our process a bit and prevent our readership from getting bored. Either way, we appreciate you stopping by and we hope to you see around as much as possible!